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Natural attractions

Lovcen National Park

Lovcen Park is located on the mountain range of the same name and covers an area of ​​62 km.

When the frost grows outside the window, despite the calendar spring, and the soul requires sun and heat, then it is time to plan a vacation!  A great option is a vacation in Montenegro.  Whoever you go to this paradise, be it your best friend, beloved man or a large and friendly company - everyone will find something for themselves there.

The Montenegrin city Kotor welcomes tourists from all over the world every year.

Montenegro is an amazing and hospitable country.  This is an unusual combination of centuries-old historical and architectural heritage, unique culture and picturesque nature.  Here, off the coast of Montenegro, that the Adriatic Sea is the cleanest, and the water off the coast is transparent and reaches a depth of 55 meters.

Kotor is a Montenegrin city, more like the other cities in the country similar to Croatian or even Italian.

There are cities where time seemed to have chosen the most beautiful period and stopped at these moments.

Montenegro is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and this fabulous country is attractive in many respects.

Montenegro is an amazing country, woven from mountains, rivers, panoramic landscapes, surrounded by the tender embrace of the warm sea. Tourists are attracted by the wonderful climate, exotic species, white sugar beaches and lush natural beauty. Here you can sunbathe and dive into the adrenaline rush of active sports. Their mass!

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