Where to relax in Montenegro

When the frost grows outside the window, despite the calendar spring, and the soul requires sun and heat, then it is time to plan a vacation!

A great option is a vacation in Montenegro.  Whoever you go to this paradise, be it your best friend, beloved man, or a large and friendly company - everyone will find something for themselves there.

Montenegro is known for its many resort towns, in each of which you can have a wonderful time. If you want bright colors and lots of fun - then you are in Budva.

This resort is rightfully considered the most popular among tourists, including Europeans. Also, Budva attracts with its attractions, which include the church of St. John, built in the seventh century, the church of the Holy Trinity, and the island of St. Stephen. If you decide to spend a vacation with your family or relate to the adherents of a calm and relaxing holiday - then Ulcinj will be more suitable for you. This city with a rich history, in the past - the pirate center of the Adriatic.  You can also go to Tivat - the most beautiful of the cities of Montenegro, or to Petrovac.

Local cuisine will pleasantly surprise you with wines (which the well-known Vranac is worth).  In local restaurants, preference is given to national dishes and dishes of Greek, Turkish, and Italian cuisine (which, by the way, you will often find in coastal cafes and restaurants). Chefs honor cheese, meat, and vegetables. A separate article is sweets - you should definitely try cakes and cookies, baked nuts and plums in cheese.

In addition to relaxing on the sea in Montenegro, lovers of active pastimes will remember the ski resorts of Montenegro, which will delight you with beautiful slopes, and cozy small hotels. Here, even in early April, you can slide down from the snowy peaks of the Durmitor massif, where Bobotov Kuk is located - the highest point in Montenegro.

Montenegro is not only the gentle coast of the Adriatic Sea and wonderful ski resorts but also crystal air, amazing views, and one of the most ecological states in Europe.

Holidays in Montenegro are a terrific opportunity to relax your soul and body in southeastern Europe at a very reasonable price. The cost of a weekly tour ranges from 500€, depending on the agency, hotel, and season you have chosen.