The romance of the city Kotor, Montenegro

The Montenegrin city Kotor welcomes tourists from all over the world every year.

This is a beautiful small town in the Bay of Kotor.  Which, by the way, is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world.  And it is difficult to disagree with this opinion.

Kotor consists of two parts:

- modern city;

- Old city.

Naturally, the old part of the city is of more interest.  It is fraught with romance and the history of the past.  The city is surrounded by mountains, which makes it even more beautiful and attractive.  Cruise ships of incredible size often enter the bay.  Due to the fact that the city has few tall buildings, a huge airliner seems even larger.  It seems that it can occupy an area half of Kotor.

Modern city

It is a beautiful town with low buildings and orange roofs.  There is nothing unusual.  The modern part of Kotor is similar to other cities in Montenegro, such as Budva or Becici.  Therefore, you need to go to the old part of the city.  It is here that the atmosphere of the past reigns.

Old city

The old part of the city is separated by the fortress wall preserved to this day.  According to the traditions of the XI-XII centuries, any city was built on a hill and was surrounded by a wall.  So our ancestors defended their lands.  Kotor is an example of such an ancient building.

On the territory of old Kotor there are several squares where you can see ancient churches and palaces (not very similar to the standard representation of such a building) of the X-XIII centuries.  These are small buildings of ancient Romanesque architecture.  Inside the churches and cathedrals of Kotor an unusual atmosphere of pacification reigns.  If you listen you can hear a slight whisper of the past.  The decoration of the churches is modest but beautiful.  You feel calm and harmony with yourself.

On both sides the fortress walls protect the Shkurda and Gurdich rivers.  Through them bridges are laid to the city which are considered the gates to Kotor.  You can climb the tower where the Montenegrin flag proudly develops.  From here you can see mountains of extraordinary beauty surrounding Kotor, ships plowing the bay, vain tourists with cameras, orange roofs of houses and the Shkurda river disappearing under the walls of the fortress.

Above the mountain there is a serpentine road to the observation deck.  If you wish you can go up and look at the city from above.  It offers a unique view of the bay, the whole city and Mount Lovcen.  On the slope of the mountain remained the ruins of a part of the old city.  Previously it was much larger - it occupied almost the entire slope.

The city of Kotor is a place steeped in history and surrounded by incredible views.  Montenegrin nature combined with ancient architecture create a romantic atmosphere of tourism.