Tourist And Resort Montenegro

Montenegro is a unique and hospitable country. Its unusual combination of centuries-old historical and architectural heritage, unique culture, and picturesque nature makes it a must-visit destination.

The Adriatic Sea is the cleanest here, off the coast of Montenegro. The water is transparent and reaches a depth of 55 meters.

Montenegro's nature is unique. Its high rocky mountains are covered with centuries-old trees: cypress trees, pine trees, olives, and orange groves. From afar, the mountains, densely covered with trees, seem dark green. It is believed that the name came from here—Montenegro. There are many crystal clear lakes, green hills, mountain rivers, and waterfalls. Montenegro's main advantage is precisely its unique and rich nature.

In the central and northern parts of the country, the climate is temperate continental, and on the Adriatic coast, it is Mediterranean. A pleasant, mild climate is comfortable for relaxation and treatment. There is no incinerating heat. The weather is calm and sunny until late autumn. Summer air temperature in coastal areas is from + 22 ° С to + 27 ° С. The swimming season is quite long, starting mid-April and ending early November. The water temperature in summer is +20 - + 26 °. The most favourable period for holidays in Montenegro is from the beginning of May to the end of October.

Montenegro has approximately 117 beaches. The beaches on the country's southern coast are primarily sandy or small pebbles. Large pebble beaches and even rocky ones are also found. But the northern part is characterized by a rocky shore; swimming is far from permitted everywhere. In general, everyone can find a beach for themselves to their taste. But a common feature of all the beaches of Montenegro is that the water here is the cleanest.

One of the sunniest and most popular beaches on the Montenegrin coast is Ada Boyana.  This is a sandy beach, the sand of which is healing. Ada Boyana is an island in the shape of a triangle. According to legend, the beach appeared where the merchant ship once sank. The sand accumulated on the boat, and numerous rocks have formed this island. As already mentioned, the island is a triangle, which is washed by fresh river waters on both sides, and the waters of the Adriatic Sea wash the third side of the island. The water warms up nicely on the island's coast; you can swim here from the beginning of April until mid-November. Another fantastic fact is that the Boyana River flows in two directions simultaneously, which no other river can boast of.

Another popular tourist destination is the Bar. This is a port city. Here, almost 300 days a year is clear and sunny, and the water warms up to + 22 ° - + 23 ° in late April - early May. For those who, besides a beach holiday, seek to get acquainted with Montenegro's cultural and historical heritage, it will be helpful to visit the local historical and architectural monument - the Old Bar Fortress. This is an open-air museum. Another distinctive feature of this place is a unique natural monument - an olive tree that is 2000 years old, but the most fantastic thing is that it still bears fruit abundantly.

One of the most famous resort areas of Montenegro is Budva. This is the most prominent tourist centre and one of the oldest cities in the country. Documentary, historical, and architectural traces of the Phoenicians', ancient Greeks, and ancient Romans' stay exist. The endless finds of archaeologists evidence this. According to legend, the city was founded by an ancient Greek hero, Cadmo. He was expelled from You, and with his wife named Harmony, he stayed here. The Slavs appeared in these places much later; their first settlements appeared around the 7th century A.D.

Budva's main wealth is the old city, which arose here in the Renaissance. A powerful fortress wall surrounds the city. There are many unique attractions with architectural, natural, historical, and cultural heritage. The Citadel, the Church of St. Mary, the Church of the Holy Trinity, and the Church of St. Ivan will not leave anyone indifferent.

Budva is a joyous, sunny city. Everyone will find entertainment here to their liking. For lovers of beach holidays, there are many cosy sandy beaches. Budva is the centre of bright holidays. Great music festivals and theatre performances are held here.

Nightlife lovers will also not be disappointed. Budva provides a wide selection of cafes, restaurants, and modern nightclubs for every taste. Those who like to wander around the shops and benches to purchase souvenirs and useful little things will also be pleasantly surprised. The original products of local craftsmen and artisans particularly attract the attention of tourists.

Budva has many Orthodox monasteries, ancient churches, and the legendary island of St. Stephen, which attracts pilgrims worldwide.

The cuisine of Montenegro is divided into approximately three categories: Italian dishes, fish and seafood dishes, and colourful local dishes. It is essential to mention local wines; of course, they do not have wide international fame, but this does not detract from their qualities. Among them are tart wine "Vranaс" and white wine "Krstach". Especially popular here is vodka made from grapes called "Krunak" - it is a strong and very high-quality alcoholic drink. In souvenir shops, you can buy various T-shirts and hats with local emblems and a vast selection of dishes. Many people purchase local wines and Krunak as a souvenir.

We would also like to note that Montenegro is a hospitable country. Its people are very friendly towards European people. 

In general, Montenegro is a pleasant, high-quality, and inexpensive vacation destination. The main thing is that tourists should respect and care for the wonderful local nature and cultural heritage.

Have a lovely rest!