Air recreation is for unforgettable impressions!

Montenegro is a fantastic country woven from mountains, rivers, and panoramic landscapes, surrounded by the tender embrace of the warm sea.

The excellent climate, exotic species, white sugar beaches, and lush natural beauty attract tourists. Here, you can sunbathe and dive into the adrenaline rush of active sports. Their mass!

Rich nature is the opportunity to relax "with a peppercorn."

Montenegro offers a wide variety of places for active recreation and incredible adventures: mountains and rivers, rocks and lakes, canyons and underwater reefs. Popular outdoor activities include diving, rafting, canyoning, trekking, sailing, etc.

Montenegro surprises with land and underwater beauty. The most courageous can go to canyoning, an extreme journey which will become a test of willpower. Hiking and cycling tours are recommended for sightseeing tours, and diving is recommended for exploring sunken ships and flocks of colourful fish.

It is proposed to explore the local beauty on land, underwater, and in the air! Exactly!

High rocks make it possible to soar in the sky like a bird.

In the element of air

But the most popular type of outdoor activity is paragliding. This is the perfect choice to get acquainted with the local beauty and see the sights in full view. Travelling in a company with a gentle wind and an experienced instructor, you will explore the monuments of architecture and magnificent nature from a different angle. This is a spectacle that no photo will convey!

The benefits of paragliding:

  1.  It is ultralight and the safest aircraft.
  2. A child can fly (from 3 years).
  3. Possible tandem flight (total weight should not exceed 220 kg).
  4. There is no need for special training.
  5. You will see what is not shown on the earth.

Flight is recommended to make from the most scenic places in Montenegro. The start is already a charge of emotions and inspiration.

The best places for paragliding:

Boko-Kotor Bay

The Bay of Kotor will show all the "goodies" of Kotor and Herceg Novi, among which the southern fjord and miniature streets are especially notable, surprising with ancient antiquity (history fans will be interested to wander around here).

Budva and Barska Riviera

Flying over Budva, the tourist capital, you will see the strict luxury of the Middle Ages, and in Petrovac, you will be offered an eco-flight away from the city's noise and annoying bustle.

Choose a mood trip!

Reference: for the bravest instructors offer as a starting point the city of Bar. Here, you surrender to the power of the sky from the highest mountain on the coast. Emotions will be off the scale!

National Park Durmitor

Would you like to see Montenegro in full? An air tour is the best solution! Extreme sensations and pleasant memories will warm the soul for a long time!

Welcome to the world of rich rest!