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Presenting a gift of special significance and scale to a person is a grandiose act, that not everyone is capable of. A memorable impressive gift is able to turn the routine life of a person and make you look at the world with eyes shining with happiness. And our paragliding club provides everyone with such a unique and truly unrealistic opportunity. We can offer as a great gift the realization of the most popular dream of every person.


Nostalgia for a good wing beckons to the sky ...

An exciting poetic line perfectly and accurately reflects the essence of our special offer.

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Our club offers to purchase a special bearer card. “Gift for flight” is a surprise without a statute of limitations, which can be organized at any time at the request of the buyer. A solemn date, a birthday, a big holiday, or just a sign of gratitude to a person - the cherished card will wait for its finest hour and the lucky one presented. The second equally important advantage of our gift card is the location of the event. We offer to soar over the most magnificent and colorful place of the Mediterranean Sea - the Adriatic Sea coast, washing seven countries of the planet.


A person on a paraglider is waiting for picturesque and incredible beauty and grandeur views of the sparkling azure sea, snow-white sands, mountains covered with lush greenery, and ancient gigantic rocks. Sincere admiration, genuine delight, and joyful emotions - we guarantee you the whole range of sensations when flying over the beautiful Adriatic!

We fly with comfort and convenience!


A perfectly organized and prepared paragliding flight is an integral part of our quality gift. Our paragliding club has all the necessary and up-to-date resources to make your adventure easy, comfortable, and enjoyable.

The club's own transfer will quickly and easily deliver the owner of the gift card to the venue of the event.


An experienced professional instructor will conduct a thorough preparation for the flight and will accompany the person on the journey. Flying in tandem with a qualified master is the key to a calm and safe event.

The club operates only modern and high-tech equipment; children from 7 years old can fly with great pleasure on our devices.


In order for the fabulous flight to be preserved not only in memory but also carry out the photo and video shooting of the event, memorable bright files will remain with the person for the rest of his life.

Calm, safe, and fabulous feeling, paragliding is an experience that is not accessible to everyone. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to surprise and delight your near and dear person to the core.

An unforgettable gift for everyone!


Despite the originality of our present, such a surprise can be easily timed to coincide with almost any celebration or event. And not only to coincide but also to make this day a particularly significant and memorable date. With a touching flight over the wonderful Adriatic Sea, one can confess quivering and sincere feelings.


An adventure with a touch of adrenaline and joy can become a collective gift to the hero of the day from grateful employees. Often, spouses celebrate the anniversary of a strong and long marriage with a romantic paragliding flight.

A bright, emotionally colored, and memorable flight over the beauties of a living planet is an event that cannot be missed!

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