Important information and booking

Flight clothing

Please take care of your clothes in advance in accordance with the air temperature on the day of the flight. The temperature at the height can be lowered by 5-15 degrees depending on the season.

It is worth having sunglasses.

The essential requirement for your clothes, regardless of the season, is the presence of fixed shoes with a stiff soles.


Despite the fact that paragliding does not require special physical training, and everyone, from children to adults, can fly in tandem, you should carefully monitor your health on the day of the flight.

We strongly recommend not consuming alcoholic beverages on the day and the day before the flight. If you are prone to motion sickness (motion sickness in a car or in the water), take a medicine for motion sickness and take it before the flight.

Photo and video

You are keeping your flight experience pretty simple. Take any recording device with you and use it in flight. Sitting in the harness, you will easily and comfortably take pictures or shoot videos.

In the absence of a photo-video camera, we will give you the opportunity to use our special action camera. Like us on social networks and get a link to download a free video about your flight.

Flight day

On the day of the flight, at the agreed time after meeting with the instructor, you will be taken to the top of the mountain to the place where paragliding began. Immediately before the start, you will be instructed on the necessary actions during take-off, flight, and landing. Then make an exciting flight!

Have free time on the day of the flight, as it will be necessary to wait for a possible change in weather conditions.

Easy booking

For booking tandem paragliding in Kotor Montenegro, please contact us using any messenger. The Facebook messenger icon is left below. Or use the Booking form below.

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